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About me 

My name is Victoria and I am originally from Dusseldorf in Germany. With a Bachelor of Arts in English and History I have worked for a number of years in the corporate world for various FTSE 100 companies as a Digital Specialist and managed high profile digital projects of some of the biggest companies.

I have always been passionate about Reiki throughout my life and seen the tremendous healing transformation it does to peoples life and as such obtained my Reiki II qualification at TriYoga in Soho, fully accredited in 2019. 

Reiki is an ancient Japanese energy healing technique and practitioners are mediums channeling the energy from the universe to the patient. It is a work of the light. I have seen how Reiki transformed peoples life's into becoming the best versions of themselves and the healing process of those people has been astounsihing. 

​My Reiki Sessions are maintained to the highest professional standard. 


I offer the following packages. Payment has to be made in advance to secure a booking. All payments are processed securely by Stripe. Please note that there is a 24-hour cancellation policy, any cancellations made in less than 24 hours will be charged a 50% cancellation fee.

Reiki In Person - 60 min

60 minutes - £60

This is an in person Reiki Energy Healing Session. In this session we will rebalance your seven Chakras to restore your natural energy flow. The sixty minutes allow for a comprehensive 365 degree healing of the energy centres. 

Distant Reiki Healing

30 minutes - £30

Online Distance Reiki healing session using Zoom. This can be done globally from anywhere in the world and for clients travelling.



Deeply moving and trustful. I felt super safe and held during the session with Victoria. She is wonderfully facilitating the space and gave structure for someone like me new to Reiki. She provided me with deeply moving insights into my past. I am deeply grateful and looking forward to my next session with her. 


My body got cleansed as part of the healing process which is a good sign. The best part was when she got insights about my physical health and already knew what problem I was facing currently. Victoria has a kind warm energy. 


Victoria has a wealth of knowledge providing a lot of insight of how our emotions are connected to our mental and physical well-being. She is incredibly professional curating a beautiful calm healing space and my anxiety has completely reduced following my treatments with her.


The treatment has been very professional and relaxing. Victoria provided a full chakra balancing energy healing and I could feel the Reiki energy aligning my chakra centres. The space is very calm with meditation music and I truly enjoyed my session. Cannot recommend enough!


The days following the treatment, I felt a major energy shift in my body. I felt incredibly lighter and brighter as if a heavy fog had been lifted from my energy field. Overall I now just feel more alive and vitalized, and my goals appear crystal clear.


The treatment lasted an hour. Throughout Victoria had a very friendly, calming demeanour whilst also instilling confidence in me with her professionalism. At the end of the treatment I saw a marked improvement with my historical ailments. I will definitely be revisiting to see if Victoria can help me more.


Please do not hesitate out to contact me under the contact details   below. My Reiki practice is always maintained to the highest professional standard. 

9 Eccleston St, London SW1W 9LX   

+44 7751 457 161